Welcome to RobertDJansen.com

Hi, I'm Robert. I Design websites.

(I also like to write.)

Welcome to my site. I'm glad you're here.

What is RobertDJansen.com?

Great question. RobertDJansen.com is a website and blog by me, Robert D. Jansen, a freelance web designer from North Carolina, USA. I write about technology and web design as well as politics, theology, culture and history - often local, sometimes not. Check out the blog at the link below.

So, who the heck is Robert D. Jansen?

Mario Kart champion. Political junkie. Theology nerd. Deviled egg connoisseur. Web designer. Surprisingly good beatboxer. Christian. Proud TarDevil (graduate of UNC & Duke). IT guy. History buff. Occasional, but aspirant, exerciser. Former child. Former teacher. And, finally, blogger. More info below.

Literal Hell (Cayman Islands)
Stuff I've Done

This is an online resume and portfolio where you will learn more about my personal and professional experiences.

A Plug for RojaTech

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